GNU Herds - Colorado


Open-Source, free-software and GNU developers make up some of the most professional people in software today, being well known for their advanced skills, devotion and the pride they take in the quality of their work.

This section of the GNU Herds website is dedicated to assisting members of the free-software community in finding and securing jobs in the industry in Colorado. GNU Herds is a not-for-profit website for contributors to the Free Software movement. We believe that GNU developers and software engineers have the skills, resources and mindset to make a difference at companies worldwide.

  • Software engineers who would like to expand their horizons or simply update their knowledge base, check out these training courses and services in Colorado.
  • Those who are seriously considering moving into another field, or who want to move up to the next level should seek professional advice from career management specialists in Colorado.
  • There are also specialists who assist with securing disability friendly jobs, some of whom are experts in helping software developers with physical disability challenges to find suitable positions.
  • Not sure if you have enough experience? Why not volunteer? It's a fantastic way to add to your portfolio and resume, stay at the forefront of the industry and help others. Many Charities and Non-Profit organizations now use Open Source software and have been benefitting from the way free software such as GNU ensure the funds they raise can be used where they are really needed.
  • Job searches can be challenging, even for highly trained and experienced software engineers, programmers and technical managers. Job Ads or getting assistance from a recruitment agency can be a good starting point. There are also a variety of Colorado based employment consultants and staffing agencies.